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How to set my personal information to Private
How to set my personal information to Private

Controlling your personal privacy settings

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By default, your contact information is available to all the users that are also members of your officiating organization. However, within your Personal Profile, you can control a few items and mark them as "Private" if you want to prevent them from being seen by the general population of your officiating organization. Your information can never be accessed outside the officiating organizations you're a member of, regardless of this privacy setting.

Who can see "Private" information?

Items that are marked as "Private" are hidden from most users. However, a few users can still see "Private" personal information. Those users are:

What items can I mark as "Private"?

Setting something as private is an action you must explicitly take if desired. You can set the following items to "Private" if desired:

  • Home address

  • Work address

  • Email addresses

  • Phone numbers

Can I still receive emails & notifications if I choose Private?

Yes. This setting does not affect the ability to receive emails or notifications.

How do I set my information to be Private?

You can use the "Private" checkboxes within your Personal Profile to mark the desired items as "Private."

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