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How do I control my external calendar's time zone?
How do I control my external calendar's time zone?

Details about how time zones are handled for external calendar synchronizations

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Managing Calendar Time Zone Settings


The Horizon calendar synchronization system utilizes Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) when creating calendar events to synchronize your officiating game schedule to your personal calendar. This is also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu Time (Z). The conversion to your local timezone is performed based on the timezone settings selected by your local officiating organization and also the settings in your external calendar program.

Unfortunately, we do not control timezone conversions directly on our end. As such, you will need to manage the timezone settings in your external calendar program in order to ensure correct conversions.

Managing Timezone Settings

Your external calendar program likely contains its own specific guidance on how to manage time zones. Refer to your external calendar program's documentation for detailed instructions.

As an example, this support article from Google calendar will outline how to control different time zones within Google Calendar.

You may also need to synchronize events to a separate calendar if your officiating organization is in a different time zone than your regular personal calendar.


By following the guidance outlined in your external calendar program's documentation, you can ensure that timezone conversions are accurate when you synchronize events from the Horizon software system.

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