Name change requests

Policies on allowed name changes for user accounts

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The first and last name on a user account must reflect the actual first & last name of the user utilizing the account. If a name change is required on a user account, users may submit a name change request in their Personal Profile by editing their name and saving their profile. A name change request must be submitted by the user themselves and cannot be performed or facilitated via simulation mode or through a third party, including officiating organization administrators or schedulers.

There are intentional restrictions in place for both legal and security reasons that will allow for name changes only for legitimate reasons. Any name change must be approved by our technical support staff to ensure they meet the criteria below. User accounts are not transferrable once created, so attempting to change the name or identity on a user account and transfer it to a new individual is not allowed. A new individual must create and operate a new and entirely separate user account.

Name changes are allowed for these reasons

  • Minor spelling corrections

  • Marital status change

  • Court approved legal name change

  • Gender transitions

  • Replacing a nickname, name abbreviations, fictitious placeholder name, or other fictitious names and correcting it to the user's real first & last name

  • Other legitimate name changes may be allowed at the technical staff's discretion on a case-by-case basis so long as they do not represent a transfer to a different individual.


Name changes are not allowed for these reasons

  • Transferring an administrator's user account to a new person

  • Transferring a coach's user account to a new coach

  • Transferring an official's user account to a child, sibling, or parent

  • Replacing a real name with a nickname, placeholder name, fictitious name, or any other extraneous information other than the user's real legal name

  • Any other attempt to transfer the identity of a user account to a different individual


New account exception:
A user account that is less than 30 days old with minimal account history or activity, as determined by our technical support staff, may be transferred to a new individual and is exempt for the disallowed reasons above. If an account was created more than 30 days in the past and/or it has significant history or activity, as determined by our technical support staff, may not be transferred.


Email address usage

Changing an email address is permitted at any time by the user themselves. If a user account has an incorrect email address, and that's why you're trying to change the name on the account, you'll need to reverse your operation. The existing user can change the email address, not the name, on the account. A name change would not be permitted for this reason, but the user named on the account can certainly correct the email address on their account so it correctly matches the correct email that should be associated with the existing name on the account. You may see this support article for details on how to change your email address.

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