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How to edit or change your bank account
How to edit or change your bank account

Modifying which bank account is connected

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If your organization uses the Payment Center and you need to change which bank account you've connected, you must delete your bank account and add a new one. This includes modifications to any aspect of your bank accounts, like your bank account number, routing number, or the type of account, like a checking or savings account.

To delete your bank account and add a new one, navigate to the Payment Center section of the software using the main navigation menu while using a desktop or laptop computer. This functionality is not available via our mobile device interfaces. From the Payment Center page, select the Bank Accounts tab. Use the red X to delete your bank account, then choose the Add Bank Account option in the top toolbar to add a new bank account.

You may see these support articles for additional details on each step:

This information applies only to organizations that have elected to use the Payment Center functionality of the software. If your officiating organization isn't using the payment center services, you'll need to contact your officiating organization directly for details on their payment practices and/or how to make any changes to your bank account details through whatever outside service or process they are using.

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