Troubleshooting Text Message Delivery

Details on steps to resolve text message notification delivery issues

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The Horizon software offers free automated text message notifications via Email-to-SMS relays. Users can specify their mobile phone number on the Phone Numbers tab of the Personal Profile page while logged in. Additionally, users can specify an Email-to-SMS domain on the Text Message tab of the profile page. This allows the system to send text message notifications to the provided mobile phone number via email.

Understanding Text Message (SMS) Notifications

Text message notifications in the Horizon software refer to Short Message Service (SMS) messages. SMS is a widely used messaging service that allows the exchange of short text messages between mobile devices. When an event triggers a notification in the Horizon software, such as a game assignment or an important announcement, the system sends an email to the recipient's mobile phone number using the designated domain for their carrier. The carrier's Email-to-SMS gateway then converts the email into an SMS message, which is delivered to the user's mobile device as a text message.

How Email-to-SMS Works

Email-to-SMS relays enable the conversion of emails into text messages, allowing the software to deliver notifications to users' mobile devices through their mobile carriers. When a notification is triggered, the system sends an email to the specified Email-to-SMS domain associated with the user's mobile carrier. The mobile carrier then processes the email and delivers it as a text message to the user's phone.

Possible Issues and Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Incorrect Phone Number or Email-to-SMS Domain:

    • Ensure that the mobile phone number specified in the "Phone Numbers" tab is accurate and includes the correct country code.

    • Double-check the Email-to-SMS domain you selected on the "Text Messaging" tab. Ensure that the domain you've selected matches the Email-to-SMS from your mobile carrier's documentation. You can contact your mobile carrier to confirm the correct Email-to-SMS domain for the service you're subscribed to with them.

  2. Carrier-Specific Issues:

    • Different mobile carriers may have unique requirements or limitations for Email-to-SMS relay. Check with your carrier to confirm their specific guidelines for receiving text messages via email.

  3. Blocked or Filtered Messages:

    • Sometimes, mobile carriers may block or filter certain messages for various reasons. Ensure that the sender email address ( used by the Horizon software is not marked as spam or blocked by your mobile carrier.

  4. Delayed Delivery:

    • Text messages may experience slight delays in delivery, especially during peak times or due to network congestion. Allow some time for the message to be delivered.

  5. Undeliverable Messages:

    • In some cases, messages may be undeliverable due to incorrect addresses or temporary carrier issues. If you receive an "undeliverable" notification in the Reminders box on the Members Home page, review the error message provided to us by your mobile carrier, and check your Email-to-SMS domain and phone number for accuracy.

  6. Unsupported Mobile Carriers:

    • The Horizon software provides a comprehensive list of supported mobile carrier domains for Email-to-SMS relay. We cannot add carriers to this list. If your carrier is not supported, consider using another contact method or contacting your carrier for possible alternatives.

Troubleshooting with the Mobile Carrier

For most text message delivery issues, troubleshooting must be done in coordination with the receiving user's mobile carrier. Since the delivery of text messages involves the mobile carrier's infrastructure, they have the necessary tools to identify and resolve delivery problems. Please contact your mobile carrier's support team and give them the relevant information, including the Email-to-SMS domain you've selected in the Horizon software.

Please note that text message delivery can vary depending on the recipient's mobile carrier, network conditions, and other factors outside the control of the Horizon software. We are committed to providing reliable communication channels, and our support team is available to assist you in optimizing text message delivery within the scope of our capabilities.

Use Push Notifications as an Alternative

In addition to text message notifications, the Horizon software offers free mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, with built-in push notifications. Push notifications are an excellent alternative to traditional text message notifications and offer several advantages:

  1. Faster Delivery: Push notifications are delivered instantaneously to users' mobile devices, ensuring that they receive important updates and assignments without delay. Unlike text messages, which may experience slight delays due to carrier processing, push notifications arrive promptly.

  2. Richer Content: Push notifications sent through the mobile apps can contain more detailed information, such as game details, assignment notes, and important announcements. Users can access all relevant information directly from the notification, saving time and providing a seamless user experience.

  3. Independent of Carrier Infrastructure: Push notifications are not reliant on carrier infrastructure, making them a reliable and consistent method of communication. They are delivered via direct connections between the mobile app and the software servers, bypassing carrier networks.

  4. Customization Options: Users can customize push notification settings within the mobile app, choosing the types of notifications they wish to receive and enabling or disabling specific notification categories.

  5. Efficient and Battery-Friendly: Push notifications are designed to be efficient and battery-friendly. They are low-energy alerts that do not drain significant battery power, ensuring a positive user experience.

How to Set Up Push Notifications

To take advantage of built-in push notifications, users must download and install the official mobile app from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iPhone and iPad). Once installed, users can log in with their Horizon credentials and enable push notifications within the app settings.

Please note that push notifications are an excellent alternative to text message notifications and are often the preferred method for receiving timely updates and assignments. We encourage users to explore and utilize the built-in push notification feature to enhance their experience with the Horizon software. Stay informed, receive assignments promptly, and enjoy a seamless officiating experience with push notifications on our mobile apps.

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