Age Policy for Members

Details about the minimum age to create a user account

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Age Limitation in Accordance with US Law

To comply with US Law and the Online Child Privacy Act, the software restricts access to individuals under the age of 13 in accordance with our Terms of Service. Consequently, birth dates reflecting an age below 13 years cannot be selected during profile setup.

Managing Underage Officials

The software prohibits individuals under the age of 13 from using our services or submitting personal information. If a child under 13 requires game assignments, it must be facilitated through an account registered to and operated by their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian's account should be populated with the parent or guardian's personal information, and they should not submit personal information for an individual under the age of 13. Accounts that violate these terms and are identified as containing personal information for an underage individual will be deleted without a refund.

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