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Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions
Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions

How to setup age-based scheduling restrictions

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The Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions feature offers a powerful tool to enhance scheduling control and compliance within the officiating organization's ecosystem. This comprehensive guide outlines the functionalities and setup processes involved in enabling and managing this feature.

Enabling Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions

Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions is a feature that requires manual activation by officiating organization administrators. To enable this functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the System Settings page.

  2. On the Features & Settings tab, locate and turn ON Feature #12: Age Based Scheduling Restrictions.

Once activated, the feature comes into effect, introducing a mandatory requirement for officials to submit their full date of birth in their personal profile.

Date of Birth Submission Requirement

Upon activating Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions, officials will be prompted to complete their full date of birth in their personal profile. This field becomes mandatory. Officials are required to complete this step during their next login to the system. The system will not allow them to proceed beyond the login page until the date of birth is provided.

Please note that no email notification is sent to officials regarding this requirement.

Minimum Age Requirement for Game Assignments

One of the key functionalities of Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions is the ability to specify a minimum age requirement for different game levels and positions. This ensures that officials are assigned to games that align with their age and qualifications.

By default, the minimum age is set to 0 for all positions, allowing officials of any age to be assigned. However, officiating organization administrators can customize this requirement for specific positions.

To specify a minimum age requirement:

  1. Access the Administrative Forms page.

  2. Choose Add/Edit/Remove Official Positions.

  3. To add a new position, create a position and assign a minimum age requirement. To edit an existing position, find the position in the "Existing Positions" list and click the edit pencil.

  4. Specify the desired minimum age for the position on the edit form.

Please note that changes in minimum age requirements do not retroactively impact existing assignments. However, as future assignments are created, the system will consider an official "ineligible" if they are below the specified minimum age requirement.

Age Limitation in Accordance with US Law

To comply with US Law and the Online Child Privacy Act, the software restricts access to individuals under the age of 13. Consequently, birth dates reflecting an age below 13 years cannot be selected during profile setup.

Managing Underage Officials

The software prohibits individuals under the age of 13 from using our services or submitting personal information. If a child under 13 requires game assignments, it must be facilitated through an account registered to and operated by their parent or guardian. The parent or guardian's account should be populated with the parent or guardian's personal information, and they should not submit personal information for an individual under the age of 13. Accounts that violate these terms and are identified as containing personal information for an underage individual will be deleted without a refund.


Age-Based Scheduling Restrictions is a valuable feature to enhance scheduling accuracy and compliance. By enabling officials to input their full date of birth and setting minimum age requirements for game positions, officiating organizations can ensure that assignments align with age-related restrictions and legal considerations. This feature adds a layer of control while ensuring compliance with relevant laws.

Important Note: The software strictly enforces policies regarding underage users, irrespective of geographical location. Our commitment to compliance extends beyond US borders. If an account is discovered to contain information about an underage user, the account will be promptly deleted, and no refunds will be granted. Additionally, all associated data will be permanently removed per our Terms of Service violation policy.

Please note that our stance on this matter remains consistent. The software does not permit users under the age of 13 to register under any circumstances, even if they reside outside of the United States. This firm stance is rooted in our dedication to adhering to the highest standards of data protection and user privacy, and it aligns with international regulations pertaining to online child privacy and data security.

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