Technical Support Services

What's included in our free technical support

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What's Included?

The Horizon Technical Support Staff is available at no cost via our standard contact methods to provide you with guidance and instructions on operating our software systems and the tools we offer within our software products. These services include things like:

  • How you can perform a certain action in our software systems

  • Is a certain action or operation available in our software systems

  • Where can I learn more about a specific feature or operation of the software

  • Correcting any technical or logical deficiencies in the system for software components that are not operating within our intended designs

  • Questions about subscription fees and/or invoices from Horizon

What's Not Included?

Some items are outside the scope of our no-cost standard support services. The Horizon Technical Support staff reserves the right and complete discretion on what services or requests will be included or excluded from our no-cost support services. Services outside the scope of our standard no-cost support services may be available for an additional hourly billable rate at the discretion of the Horizon staff. Examples of some of the excluded services would be things like:

  • New feature development, customizations, and/or functionality changes to the software

  • Performing imports and/or making changes to your subscription data

  • Performing actions for you in the software

  • Contacting other users on your behalf.

  • Generating reports or queries for you.

  • Performing personalized, detailed training sessions.

The excluded items list is for example purposes only and not intended as a complete extensive list of all excluded services. These are just the most common inquiries we receive.

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