Available Add-On Services

Additional extra services that can be purchased beyond our standard subscriptions

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Most subscription purchases to our system will include anything and everything you need to operate and manage your officiate organization. However, we do have a few add-on services available that you can purchase for additional functionality if desired. These add-on services are not required to operate the system and are only necessary to purchase if you want to utilize the additional functionality.

Horizon Payment Center

The Horizon Payment Center is a method to perform direct deposit bank-to-bank funds transfer from your officiating organization's bank accounts into your officials' bank accounts as a way to pay your officials their earnings quickly. This system has an additional cost per payment (per "electronic check"). If you issue a single payment to multiple individuals, each individual receiving a payment counts as one payment when determining the cost. This service is currently only available for organizations and individuals with a US bank account. This is the most popular add-on service utilized by organizations. Learn more about the Horizon Payment Center here.

Custom Text Messaging (SMS)

All subscriptions provide automated text message reminders for free. However, Custom Text Messaging allows you to send your own custom text message that is not an automated reminder. Ever wanted to send a text message to your entire group quickly? Now you can right from your subscription. Various messaging packages are available to accommodate the occasional texter or those doing extensive texting. Prices range from $2.50 USD per month to $230 USD per month, depending on the volume desired. See custom SMS text messaging pricing for details.

Developer API

Our Developer API provides an official programming interface for those tech-savvy developers looking to add custom functionality and generate custom content from their subscriptions. There are several price levels to accommodate small personal projects to large commercial applications. Our API follows a REST architecture style to make getting up and running quick and easy. API Documentation can be found at https://horizonwebref.com/developer. Pricing ranges from $9 USD per month to $500 USD per month, depending on the volume desired. See Developer API Pricing.

Extended Archiving

Extended archiving allows you to access filtered data further into the past by increasing the allowable dates in your schedule and report filters. By default, standard subscriptions include access to data that follows our Data Retention Policy. Extended Archiving can provide an additional 1, 2, 3, or 5 years beyond that standard policy to give you an even deeper history for your organization. Prices range from $0.50 USD per license, per year up to $4.00 USD per license, per year; depending on the length of extended archiving desired.

Extra Document Space

Extra Document Space provides you with more storage space for storing more documents for sharing with your membership. By default, standard subscriptions include 50MB of storage space, which is great for most Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. Larger documents or having many documents may require extra space to keep those around. Extra Document Storage gives you flexible options for adding more space to your system. See extra storage space pricing for details.

League Management Module

Want to expand your system to help manage your league? Now you can get Standings Calculations, Penalty and Infraction Reporting, Suspension Issuing, and more with our League Management Module. Once purchased, League Management Features are accessible from the Administrative Forms. The cost for this service is $1.20 USD per license, per year. This add-on has a free 14-day trial. You can add the module to your subscription with no upfront cost to test out the functionality. Your first charge will occur automatically on day 14 if the module is not canceled prior to the end of the trial.

Remove Advertisements

Our subscriptions are ad-supported. The advertisements help keep your cost low and allow us to keep providing great services to you. We try to keep the advertisements to a minimum and out of your way, but we understand that some users just want them gone completely. Now you can eliminate advertisements from your subscription when any of your users are logged in to your subscription. The cost for this service is $12 USD per license, per year.

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