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What is my payment's estimated arrival date to my bank account?
What is my payment's estimated arrival date to my bank account?

When will your electronic payment arrive to your bank

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In the Horizon Payment Center, any payment that is made will show an Estimated Arrival Date. This is a reference date we provide that will tell you the approximate date that you can expect the funds to be delivered to the destination bank account. In almost all cases, the date shown is overestimated and the funds should arrive sooner than the date shown. In some rare cases, though, it can take all the way up to the estimated arrival date for the payment to arrive. The transaction will automatically update and email notifications will be sent when a payment status changes. For example, if the payment completes early, you'll receive an email letting you know that the payment is completed and the transaction status will update from Pending to Processed. Similarly, if a payment fails, you'll receive an email notification and the payment status will change to Failed.

How long does the payment process take?

In most scenarios, an issued payment will take 2 to 4 business days to travel from the sender to the receiver. In some rare instances, payments can take as little as 1 business day or as long as 5 business days. Organizations may also elect to use Same-Day Processing for a higher fee.

What's the status of my payment?

You can review the status of your payment along with the Estimated Arrival Date in the Payment Center on the Transactions tab.

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