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How to send payments for game assignments
How to send payments for game assignments

Send electronic payments to your officials

Updated over a week ago

For organizations utilizing the Horizon Payment Center, the most common payout method you'll likely utilize is paying your officials for the games/assignments they have worked. Below are the steps for sending electronic ACH payments to your officials using the Horizon Payment Center for game assignment payments.

1. Prepare Your Funding Balance

To start, you'll need to transfer funds into your Horizon Balance from your bank account 1 to 3 business days before you want to issue a payout to your officials. Using the Add Funds icon, you can transfer funds to your Horizon Balance in the Horizon Payment Center, on the Bank Accounts tab. It will take 1 to 3 business days for your funds to arrive in your Horizon Balance and be available for issuing payments.

To add funds to your Horizon Balance, you'll need to navigate to the Horizon Payment Center, select the Balance & Transactions tab, then utilize the Add Funds icon and specify a dollar amount to transfer from your bank account and into your Horizon Balance. Note that transfers over $10,000 will be automatically split into multiple transactions of $10,000 or less. For example, if you transfer $20,000 into the Payment Center, you will see two $10,000 transactions in your bank statements.

2. Choose a Payroll Report

You can use either the Payroll Summary Report or the Individual Payroll Report to generate an earnings report to begin your payout. Both of these reports are located under Administrative Forms. The most commonly used report for payouts is the Payroll Summary Report.

3. Generate Report

Set your report parameters, including dates and any advanced filtering methods you want to use to payout. Leave the payment status filter set to Show Unpaid Games Only to ensure you don't double-pay someone. Click Search Games to find any game assignments that meet your criteria.

[example report shown: Payroll Summary Report]

4. Review your Report for Accuracy

This is the time to review your report and all the dollar amounts listed. Double-check that the amounts are correct. If anything needs to be adjusted, you can either edit the game assignment itself on the Master Game Schedule or issue a Payroll Adjustment. If you make any changes, be sure to re-generate your report.

5. Start Payout

Once you've reviewed your report and are satisfied with the dollar amounts, you can begin the payout process by clicking the Send as Electronic Payments link at the top of the payroll report.

6. Submit Payout for Processing

At this point, you'll have an opportunity to review your payout. All your payout amounts will be displayed, and you'll need to complete the payout form.

  • Determine who will pay the service fee (sender or receiver)

  • Specify the source of the funds for the payout - we recommend using your Horizon Balance for better functionality. Sending payments Directly from your Bank is subject to Outbound Sending Limits. Sending payments with your Horizon Balance does not currently have any limits.

  • Enter a subject for the payment to give your recipients a quick reference of what the payout is for

  • Enter your Authorization PIN set by your payment account controller.

7. Confirm Payout Amount

Your last and final review opportunity comes in the form of the confirmation pop-up. This will display the total funds required for all payouts & service fees to complete the transaction. Once you click the Send Now button, your payments will begin processing and you will be liable for the specified funds!

8. Payments Sent!

That's it. Your payments are on their way! You can view the Send Payments tab in the Horizon Payment Center to see each payment's status and estimated arrival date. Depending on how many recipients you have included, it will take a few moments to queue and process your payments. Typically, it takes approximately 1 minute per recipient for the system to prepare and queue the payments to be sent.

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