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How to trace your electronic payment
How to trace your electronic payment

Using ACH Trace ID number to locate your payment

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With every transfer utilizing the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, there is a unique reference number called a trace number, which the Payment Center will call a Trace ID or ACH#. Trace IDs are used to “trace” funds to see where they are at any given banking institution.

With ACH transfers, specific transaction details are made private in order to ensure the safety of account information and identity. Although you won’t likely be able to see the progress of your transaction between banks, you can communicate with your bank to see if the transaction has been processed and sent. The Trace ID is crucial to ensuring that a bank can track where funds are.

When Can I Retrieve the Trace ID?

On an electronic payment, the destination Trace ID can be retrieved after the funds move through the ACH Network and into a destination bank account.

Where Can I Retrieve the Trace ID?

The Trace ID can be viewed directly in your Transactions tab within the Payment Center.

What can you do with this Trace ID?

Once you have received this Trace ID, you can determine the status or location of a transaction by contacting your financial institution.

Once your financial institution has located the transaction using the Trace ID, your financial institution and you can work together to determine the next steps.

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