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How to add another administrator
How to add another administrator
Providing another user with administrator permissions
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You can have as many administrators as necessary in a subscription, but we recommend limiting this to just a few people for security reasons. Adding another administrator is no different from adding any other user. You would just need to select the appropriate permission level for the administrator. You can do this when adding the user to your subscription or by editing an existing user using the pencil to the left of their name on your Members Directory. The permission level and settings an administrator needs would be:

Select These Options

  • User Type: Official
    (this might also say umpire, referee, employee, etc. based on the terminology you've selected in your system settings)

  • User Position: Scheduler
    (might also say assignor, employer, etc. based on the terminology you've selected in your system settings)

  • Super User: Yes
    (this is the important option that officially makes them an administrator)

Transfer Ownership

If you want to completely transfer ownership of your subscription to this new individual, you will also need to set them as the System Owner under your System Settings page. Note that the user must have a fully activated account (logged in & set up) before they can be set as a System Owner. This means that if it's a brand new user, you will need to wait until they've logged in and set themselves up before you can transfer ownership to them.

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