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How to add another administrator
How to add another administrator

Providing another user with administrator permissions

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Note: Granting someone administrator permission is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. Ensure that you fully trust the person before assigning them administrative privileges.

Officiating organizations may require multiple administrators to manage their subscriptions effectively. While limiting the number of administrators for security reasons is recommended, having at least two administrators is good practice and provides a backup option. This article explains how existing officiating organization administrators can add another administrator, transfer ownership of the subscription, and provides important considerations regarding administrator permissions.

Adding Another Administrator

Adding an administrator is a straightforward process similar to adding any other user to your subscription. Existing officiating organization administrators can specify other administrators either when initially adding a user to their organization or by editing an existing user using the edit pencil next to the existing user's name on the Members Directory page.

Select These Options

  • User Type: Official
    โ€‹(this might also say umpire, referee, employee, etc., based on the terminology you've selected in your system settings)

  • User Position: Scheduler
    โ€‹(might also say assignor, employer, etc., based on the terminology you've selected in your system settings)

  • Super User: Yes
    โ€‹(this is the important option that officially makes them an administrator)

  • Acknowledge Warning: When you give administrator permissions to a new user, you will receive a warning that you need to acknowledge and click "I Understand" to proceed. This warning explains that administrators have complete control over the organization's software subscription and can delete any user, including you. The Horizon staff cannot undo or reverse this action if it occurs.

Transfer Ownership

Only existing officiating organization administrators have the ability to transfer ownership of the subscription to another individual. To transfer ownership, follow these steps:

  1. Add Administrator: Ensure that the new administrator has been added to your organization with the appropriate administrator permissions using the steps outlined in the "Adding Another Administrator" section listed earlier in this article.

  2. Permissions Set: Ensure the new user has administrator permissions using the steps outlined in the "Adding Another Administrator" section listed earlier in this article.

  3. Account Activated: Ensure the new user has a fully activated account, meaning they have logged in and fully set up their user account. You can use the Login Records at the top of the Members Directory page to check the status of the user's account to see if it is fully activated.

  4. Set Ownership: On the System Settings page, navigate to the Name / Address tab and set the new user as the "System Owner."

Although your organization can have as many administrators as necessary, only one System Owner can be designated at a time. This designation can be changed as needed by any user with administrator permissions. The System Owner is not much different from any other administrator. However, the special privileges that a System Owner has is that they are listed on the Members Home page as the main point of contact for officials, coaches, athletic directors, location personnel, and league personnel. Additionally, the System Owner has exclusive control over the Message from the Administrator feature displayed to officials when they login to the organization.

Warning: Important Considerations

Granting administrator permissions comes with significant responsibilities. Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  1. Administrator Control: Any user with administrator permissions has full control over the organization's software subscription. They can change ownership, add or delete users, and modify permissions.

  2. Potential Risks: Granting administrator permissions should be done with caution. Administrators have the authority to delete any user, including YOU. Horizon support staff cannot add, edit, or remove user permissions, and we cannot reverse or reinstate a user that has been deleted or downgraded by an administrator.

  3. Trust and Responsibility: Before assigning administrator permissions to a user, ensure you trust them fully. Administrators have discretion over the subscription, and their decisions and actions regarding user permissions are final. The Horizon staff cannot reinstate or change user account permissions if an administrator deletes or downgrades them.

It is crucial to understand the implications of granting administrator permissions and exercise caution when assigning these privileges. Only existing officiating organization administrators can perform these operations, and it is essential to trust and consider the responsibility associated with administrator permissions.

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