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Controlling the Message from the Administrator
Controlling the Message from the Administrator

Using and controlling the main welcome message for officials.

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Message from the Administrator Overview

The Message from the Administrator section (also called "Organization Messages" in the mobile apps) serves as a prominent welcome message for referees and umpires upon logging in to a local officiating organization. It is displayed on the Members Home page, ensuring visibility whenever officials access the organization. While multiple users may have Administrator permissions within the officiating organization, only the designated System Owner can manage the messages in this section, including adding, editing, publishing, and deleting them. The officiating organization's System Owner can be designated on the System Settings page of the subscription.

Standard Message

A standard message is the default type that can be published in this section. It appears on the website and mobile apps when users log in. The System Owner has the option to enable email notifications at the time of publishing. These notifications alert officials about the new message.

High Priority Message

A high-priority message is intended for urgent and critical information. When publishing this message type, all officials will encounter it upon their next login. They won't be able to proceed beyond the message or navigate to other software sections until they read and acknowledge it. Acknowledging the message is mandatory, and officials cannot use their accounts until they have done so. The System Owner can choose to send email notifications along with the high-priority message.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices for utilizing the Message from the Administrator section effectively:

  1. Clearly Communicate Important Updates: Use the high-priority message type for critical announcements or time-sensitive information that requires immediate attention from officials. Ensure the message is concise, clear, and to the point.

  2. Use Standard Messages for Regular Communication: Reserve the standard message type for routine updates, reminders, or general announcements. Keep these messages informative yet concise to maintain officials' engagement.

  3. Consider Timing: When publishing a high-priority message, choose an appropriate time when officials are likely to be logging in. This ensures maximum visibility and prompt acknowledgment.

  4. Use Email Notifications Strategically: Enable email notifications for high-priority messages when the information demands urgent attention. For standard messages, consider the importance and relevance before enabling email notifications to avoid overwhelming officials' inboxes.


The Message from the Administrator section plays a crucial role in keeping officials informed and engaged within the officiating organization. By leveraging the features of this section, organizations can effectively communicate important updates, urgent messages, and routine information to their officials. The ability to send high-priority messages ensures critical information receives immediate attention and acknowledgment. With thoughtful utilization, this feature enhances communication, streamlines operations, and promotes a well-informed officiating community.

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