Importing Games from Sports Engine

Step 2: Performing an import from SportsEngine

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Before you perform any importing from Sports Engine, you'll need to ensure you've read our Getting Started with Sports Engine guide and performed the Setup Steps necessary to perform imports.

To perform an import, you'll need to start by choosing the Add Games option on the Master Game Schedule page. You'll choose the Import from Sports Engine option within the drop-down menu.

You'll need to choose the Teams to import the schedule for. This list is populated based on the Teams you imported as part of the Setup Steps.

You can perform this import as many times as you'd like. Games will not be duplicated. For example, if you want to check for updates manually, you can run this import again, and the system will synchronize game changes that may have occurred. Games will not be duplicated if you run the import more than once. It is encouraged to run the import more than once, particularly if you know that many changes have occurred or many games have been canceled for weather.

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