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Sports Engine Integration
Setting Up Sports Engine Integration
Setting Up Sports Engine Integration

Step 1: How to connect to SportsEngine

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Before Importing Games from Sports Engine, you'll need to set up your integration with the following steps.

You'll need to start by connecting your Sports Engine user account. This can be done by an organization administrator on your System Settings page using the Synchronize tab.

Next, you'll need to choose the Connect button to start the Sports Engine connection process.

Log in to your Sports Engine account and Accept the connection permissions

Your Sports Engine account should now be connected. You shouldn't need to do this step again unless your account becomes disconnected for some reason. The connection should remain constant unless you manually disconnect the account.

Once connected, you'll need to Import Teams before you can import any game information. Navigate to Administrative Forms >> Add/Edit/Remove Teams and select the Import from Sports Engine option in the top toolbar.

Once opened, you'll need to select:

  • Organization to Import from
    This list is populated based on the permissions you have on your Sports Engine account. If an organization is missing, you'll need to have that organization added to your Sports Engine account.

  • What to import
    You should select Teams. It is unnecessary to import Leagues or Game Codes as the Team import will do this for you. Only advanced users should utilize the other import types.

  • Select the Teams to Import
    This will add these teams and their related leagues and game codes to your system.

You can perform this import as many times as you'd like. The items will not be duplicated. If a team name has changed, running this import a second time will simply update the tea name and will not create a duplicate team.

Once teams have been imported, you may now Import Games from the Sports Engine platform.

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