How to reschedule a canceled game

Rescheduling procedures for games canceled or postponed

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Officiating Schedulers can reschedule a canceled game using our dedicated "Reschedule" option. Using this option will keep your existing game in its canceled state and quickly create a new game instance with the same game data (teams, location, type, etc.). Using the dedicated "Reschedule" option allows you to keep track of which games have or have not been rescheduled and keep a history of the original game date/time before the cancellation. Any officials scheduled for the canceled game are not copied to the newly rescheduled game. You will need to reschedule officials as you normally would for any other game.

1. Cancel the game first

To start, you'll need to cancel the game using the Cancel Game option on your Master Game Schedule to cancel the game individually or use the bulk cancellation method to cancel multiple games at once.

2. Set Schedule Filters

By default, canceled games are hidden from schedulers in the Schedule Filters. If the canceled game is hidden, use the Schedule Filters to instruct the system to show you the canceled games.

3. Select the Reschedule Game icon

To start the rescheduling process, use the Reschedule Game icon next to the canceled game to start your rescheduling.

4. Verify your new Date/Time and Game Data & Save

Verify all your game data is accurate for the newly rescheduled game and add the new game to your schedule.

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