How to cancel games

Cancelation procedures for individual or multiple games

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Canceling games is a crucial task that officiating organization schedulers and administrators can perform when games are postponed, canceled, moved to a new date, or affected by weather conditions or delays. Coaches and team athletic directors can cancel games too, but only if the officiating organization's administrator has granted them permission. In this guide, we'll explore the process of canceling games individually or in bulk and highlight important considerations.

Canceling Individual Games

To cancel an individual game, navigate to the Master Game Schedule and locate the game you wish to cancel. In the Action column, click on the "Cancel Game" option, which looks like a red circle with a slash. This action triggers immediate notifications to all users assigned to the canceled event. It's essential to note that once a game is canceled, it becomes locked and cannot be undone or deleted. This is to maintain a historical record of the game.

Bulk Cancellations

For mass cancellations, officiating organization schedulers can utilize the bulk cancelation feature on the Master Game Schedule page. This option is unavailable to coaches, team personnel, athletic directors, or other users. To cancel in bulk, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Master Game Schedule page

  2. Use the schedule filters to search for and display the games you want to cancel.

  3. Check the boxes to the left of the games you wish to cancel.

  4. Access the "Publishing" option in the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule page.

  5. Select the "Cancel Games" option from the subsequent drop-down menu.

Again, this action sends immediate notifications to all users assigned to the canceled games. Like individual cancellations, bulk cancellations are irreversible, reinforcing the importance of accurate decision-making while retaining historical records and transparency.

The Importance of the Published Status

Keep in mind that the visibility of the cancel and delete options depends on the Published status of the game. If the Published status is set to YES, the "Cancel Game" option will be visible, and the "Delete Game" option will not be available. Conversely, when the Published status is set to NO, the "Delete Game" option will be visible, and the "Cancel Game" option will not appear.

Rescheduling Process: The Next Step

Once games are canceled, it's crucial to promptly reschedule them when a new date and time are known. You can use our built-in rescheduling process to efficiently reschedule canceled games while retaining a seamless historical record of all game-related activities.

By following these guidelines, officiating organizations can navigate the cancelation process with clarity and ease, ensuring smooth communication and coordination among all involved parties.

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