Why do email messages appear blank?

Details on how to resolve blank email messages

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Emails are a crucial part of our communication today, but sometimes, they may not display as expected due to various factors. If you've received an email from our system that appears blank, don't worry; there are common reasons for this issue and solutions to resolve it. This support article will explain why your email might appear blank and what you can do to ensure you can view its content.

HTML Email Format

One of the most common reasons for an email appearing blank is the format in which it was sent. Emails from our software are sent exclusively in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format. HTML emails are designed to be visually appealing, with images, fonts, colors, and hyperlinks. While they enhance the email experience, some email clients may not display HTML content by default, leading to the appearance of a blank email.

Solution: If the email you received appears blank, try the following steps:

  • Change Viewing Settings: Look for an option in your email client to display HTML content. It may be called "View as HTML" or something similar. Enabling this setting should reveal the email's content.

  • Check for Plain Text Alternative: Some HTML emails, including those from our software, include a plain text version as an alternative. Some email clients automatically switch to plain text if they can't display HTML. Look for an option to view the email in plain text.

Disabled Images or Content Blocking

Email clients often block external content, such as images and scripts, by default for security and privacy reasons. If your email contains images or linked content, and these are blocked, it may seem like the email is empty.

Solution: To ensure you can view the email's content:

  • Enable Display of Images: Most email clients allow you to load blocked images manually. Look for a message like "Load Images" or "Display Images" within the email. Clicking this option will reveal the images and other blocked content.

  • Add Sender to Safe List: Consider adding our system email addresses and domain to your email client's safe or trusted senders list.

Compatibility with Email Client

Different email clients have varying levels of support for HTML email formatting. Some older or less common email clients may struggle to display complex HTML content.

Solution: If you frequently encounter this issue:

  • Use a Modern Email Client: Consider using a modern email client or updating your current one to the latest version. Newer clients tend to handle HTML emails more effectively.


Receiving an apparently blank email can be frustrating, but understanding its reasons and how to resolve the issue can help you access the intended content. By adjusting your email client settings, you can ensure you receive and view emails from our software as intended, whether in plain text or HTML format.

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