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Can Availability Be Updated for Dates in the Past?
Can Availability Be Updated for Dates in the Past?

Details about availability retention and editing timeframes

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Availability settings in provide a way for officials to communicate their availability to schedulers and assignors, ensuring a smooth and efficient scheduling process. However, it's essential to understand the limitations regarding updating availability for past dates.

Availability Editing Timeframe

No, availability cannot be set, edited, or altered for calendar dates in the past. The availability editing feature is intentionally limited to date ranges starting from today's current date and extending up to a maximum of one year into the future. Availability settings outside of this time frame cannot be modified.

In summary:

  • Availability can be edited for dates starting from today's date.

  • Availability editing is available up to a maximum of one year in the future.

  • Past dates or dates more than one year in the future cannot have their availability edited.

Availability History

Furthermore, it's important to note that availability history is retained for up to three months in the past. Availability settings for dates beyond this three-month window are deleted from the software and are not retained.

Game Assignments for Past Dates

Often, the question about editing past availability arises when officials or schedulers need to create assignments for games that have already occurred. It's essential to understand that having open availability or marking oneself as "Available" on the availability calendar is not a prerequisite for schedulers to create assignments or assign officials to past games.

Schedulers can create assignments for games that occurred in the past regardless of whether officials were marked as "available" on their availability calendar.

If an official was marked as "unavailable" for a specific date in the past, schedulers can still create assignments for these scenarios by using a system override.

Here's how schedulers can create assignments for past games using a system override:

  1. Open the assigning window for the game in question as usual.

  2. Look for the "Show Ineligible Officials" button in the top toolbar of the assigning window.

  3. Click this button to reveal the list of Ineligible Officials. Officials who were marked as "unavailable" for the game date will be listed here.

  4. From this "Ineligible Officials" list, schedulers can create assignments and assign officials to the game just as they would when scheduling from the regular "Eligible Officials" list.

Schedulers and assignors may refer to this support article for a more detailed overview of how to perform a system override operation.


By understanding these limitations and how to use system overrides to assign officials to past games, officials and schedulers can effectively manage assignments and ensure that the scheduling process runs smoothly within

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