How to override eligibility

Performing a system override for assigning

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During the assigning process, the system will display a list of Eligible Officials by default which is the list of officials the system recommends you use for scheduling based on your officiating organization's qualification requirements & preferences, along with the officials' preferences & availability settings. There are over 40 factors used to determine eligibility.

Why isn't someone listed as eligible?

If you're unclear on the reason why someone is not listed as eligible, you can use the Diagnostics Table to obtain additional details. Keep in mind, Availability ≠ Eligibility.

How to override

Assignors can override just about all the eligibility requirements if desired. We don't recommend doing this regularly since there is usually a good reason why the official was deemed ineligible in the first place. Still, it can be done in rare scenarios if desired. To do so, you'll need to use the Ineligible Officials list to display the list of ineligible officials by selecting this option in the top toolbar of the assigning window.

Why isn't my official listed in either list?

If the user you're looking for isn't listed in either list, then there is something in your subscription that is preventing them from being scheduled. You'll need to review the Diagnostics Table to determine the exact reason and what's causing this scenario.

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