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How do I determine who is available?
How do I determine who is available?

Determining availability & eligibility while assigning

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To determine who is available and eligible for a particular game assignment, you can open the Assigning Window for that game from the Master Game Schedule page. Our system employs a comprehensive evaluation process, considering over 40 different factors, including availability, conflicting assignments, qualifications, blocklists, ranking levels, and more. The best place to begin your game assignment scheduling process is by navigating to the Master Game Schedule page, and then choosing the Assign icon for the game you want to schedule, which is located in the Action column.

The Assigning Window

While the Availability Calendar is a significant factor in the assessment, the Assigning Window considers various other criteria to determine eligibility for the game you're scheduling. To access the assigning window, navigate to the Master Game Schedule page and choose the Assign icon for each game in the Action column. When you open the Assigning Window, the system will evaluate and provide you with a list of Eligible Officials that are available and meet all of the qualification criteria that you've created.

Viewing Official Availability & Eligibility

When opening the Assigning Window, the system will evaluate and display the list of Eligible Officials, which is a full list of all the officials that are available and have met any qualification requirements you have established.

You can view the rest of your officials, if necessary, by selecting the "Show Ineligible Officials" option to review the list of officials that were deemed ineligible for the game you're scheduling. It's only necessary to review the Ineligible Officials list if you want to override the eligibility system. If you're not sure why someone has been deemed ineligible, use the Diagnostics Table to investigate and determine the cause.

Understanding Ineligibility: Diagnostics Table

If the system marks someone as "Ineligible" for a game, it will place them on a separate list of "Ineligible Officials" within the assigning window. If you're uncertain why they've been deemed ineligible by the software, you can access the "View Diagnostics" link, which is located in the top left-hand corner of the assigning window. This feature outlines the exact reason why the official has been deemed ineligible. Reviewing this information allows you to make necessary corrections based on the system's determination. Since there are many reasons why an official can be deemed ineligible, you should always start your investigation here to identify exactly what feature or setting has caused them to be ineligible. It is often not the availability calendar that causes this, and it is commonly a different advanced feature you've enabled that you're not considering.

Flexibility with Ineligibility

Additionally, we offer helpful tools to streamline your assignment process if you need to bypass the eligibility system. You can override the system using the "Show Ineligible Officials" button at the top of the assigning window, which provides greater flexibility in making assignments. We recommend using this sparingly.

Efficient Back-to-Back Game Scheduling

For back-to-back game scheduling, our Game Linking System ensures that officials are available for all linked games. This saves you time and effort, ensuring you schedule officials who are eligible for all the games in the linked sequence.

TBA System

Lastly, consider utilizing the TBA (To Be Assigned) System, where officials can request specific games directly, making the assignment process more efficient and transparent.

With these features, you can make informed decisions and optimize the assignment process for a smooth and effective officiating experience.

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