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How do I have two accounts merged?
How do I have two accounts merged?
Combining user accounts if you accidentally created more than one for yourself.
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If you're receiving an error about merging accounts, you'll likely need to proceed with an account merge request in order to resolve this issue.

Why am I seeing this?

Account merge errors occur for one of three reasons:

  1. You're trying to use a mobile cell phone number already used by another account

  2. You're trying to use an email address already used by another account

  3. You're trying to create a new account with the same information as an existing account

What do I do?

If the conflicting account shown is your account, then you'll need to use the green Request Account Merge button to submit a merge request. If the conflicting account is not your name and is the name of a parent, sibling, child, or another person, then you are not eligible for an account merge. Account merge requests are only completed for accounts belonging to the same individual. We cannot merge accounts for two separate individuals.

What is an account merge?

This is the process of taking two individual user accounts and combining all the data into one account. One of the user accounts will be deleted when the process is completed. The individual will be left with one (1) username/password to log in to our systems to access any data or organizations they have permission to access.

How long does an account merge take?

Our support team must review and approve (or reject) every account merge request. It will take up to 48 hours to complete this. However, most requests are completed within a few hours.

Can I use this to share accounts with my kids?

No. Each individual person must have their own login. Account merging is not applicable for this type of scenario.

Can I just keep my two accounts?

If the two accounts are for two different people, then yes. You must keep two separate user accounts.
If the two accounts represent the same person, then no, you will not be permitted to keep two accounts.

Can I choose which account to keep?

No. The system will automatically choose which account will be kept and which account will be terminated. This is based on a number of factors, but usually, the system will keep the older account and delete the newer account. If you do not remember the login credentials for your account, you can obtain them from

Am I eligible to merge accounts?

As long as both accounts in question belong to the same person, then yes, you are eligible. If the accounts are registered to two different individuals, you will not be eligible to merge them.

I'm not eligible for an account merge. What do I do?

You may not share an email address or a mobile cell phone number with another user. If you're not eligible for an account merge, then you must use a different email address and/or a different landline or mobile cell phone number than the one you're trying to use that's causing the issue. You will not be permitted to share the same email address and/or mobile cell phone number as another user. If you really want to use that email or mobile cell phone number, the only way to do so will be to have the other user log in and remove/replace the offending email or mobile cell phone number so it is no longer attached to their account. If they are unable or unwilling to do so, then you must use a different email or a different landline and/or mobile cell phone number. Landline numbers may be shared on multiple user accounts. Mobile cell phone numbers may not be shared.

The other account is deleted. Why is this a problem?

For legal and security compliance reasons, email and mobile cell phone number associations are stored for at least 7 years after an account is deactivated. Deactivating (deleting) a user account will not relieve or eliminate this association. The originally registered user will retain ownership of the associated email and/or mobile cell phone number for at least 7 years even after account deactivation (deletion) has occurred. If the original user wants to remove/replace their email and/or mobile cell phone number, they will need to be reinstated so that they may log in and perform these actions on their user account.

What options are available for parents?

If you're a parent trying to manage a child's account, you may see this support article for our recommendations on managing and staying in touch with a child's account.

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