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How to reset your username/password
How to reset your username/password

Recovering your user account when you can't login

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If you or anyone in your organization has forgotten or otherwise misplaced their username and/or password, you can recover access to your account using the forgotten username/password option provided on the login page to start the account recovery process. Username and Password resets must be performed by the user themselves and cannot be performed on behalf of someone else. This process can be used by any user having difficulty getting logged into the system.

User Account Recovery Procedures

Here are the steps for obtaining your username/password:

1. Select the Forgotten Username/Password

You will need to select the forgotten username/password option either on our web-based login pages or via our mobile apps. You can also navigate to via a modern web browser application on your device.

2. Type your Email Address

This must match the email address that is currently on file with your account and will be used to locate your account. If you're unsure of what this email address is or you can't obtain a successful match, you will need to contact your local officiating organization and ask them to provide you with the email address listed on your account within their Members Directory.

3. Verify Your Identity

The system will need to verify your identity by calling (or texting) you at one of the numbers specified on your user account. The phone numbers listed here are the phone numbers you specified when you set up your account. These numbers cannot be changed unless you successfully log in to your account. This is how we know that you are who you say you are and not an imposter or hacker trying to gain access to an account maliciously.

4. Answer the Phone call (or review the text message)

You will receive a 6-digit identity verification code from the system. It will be read aloud over the phone or provided via text message. THIS IS NOT YOUR PASSWORD. You must enter this code into the same form where you started the phone call.

If you're doing this on a mobile device, your mobile device must be capable of multi-tasking, and you must be familiar with operating the multi-tasking features of your phone so you can hide the application and return to it without reloading the page. If you're having trouble operating this on our mobile apps, you can use your device's web browser, like Google Chrome or Safari. Alternatively, you can switch to utilizing a desktop/laptop computer instead for easier multitasking.

5. Check your email

You will receive an email with your new username and password to log in. You must use these new credentials to log in. The email will have the subject line Password Reset Request. If you don't see the email message, be sure to check your email Inbox and your SPAM, JUNK, PROMOTIONS, and/or TRASH folders for the message. You may need to whitelist our mail systems with your email provider to ensure messages from our system aren't blocked by your mail provider. Usernames & passwords are cASe sENsiTiVe, so you must enter them EXACTLY as shown in the email you receive.

Please be aware that you can only reset your password once per day. If you've requested a password reset and haven't received the email in your Inbox, we advise checking your spam or junk folder. If you're unable to find the email, we recommend contacting your mail provider's support team for assistance. Sometimes, their content filtering systems might block, delete, or redirect the message, so they can help you locate it in your mailbox account.

Broken or Lost Physical Device

If you have broken or lost the physical phone device that you used for identity verification, but the phone number assigned to that physical device is still under your control through the account with your phone carrier, you should contact your phone carrier and ask them to temporarily forward your calls or text messages to another device until you've replaced your physical device. Most phone carriers offer this service at no extra cost. This will allow you to receive the identity verification call or text message. Alternatively, you can wait until you find or replace your physical device and then complete the identity verification process. We cannot offer alternative verification options for scenarios involving a broken or lost physical device.

Changed Phone Number

If you have changed your phone number or no longer have access to your identity verification phone number, and you did not previously set up any backup phone number for verification purposes, then you cannot reset your account through automated means. In this case, you should contact our Online Chat support team using our messenger window to see if you're eligible for alternative reset options. We may be able to complete your identity verification through other means, like a driver's license or passport.

When contacting our Online Chat support, you may initially receive a response from our chatbot. If so, you should click the TALK TO A PERSON button after receiving the initial response to be connected with one of our support agents. This communication must be performed by the users themselves and cannot be performed or facilitated through a third party, including officiating organization administrators.

It may take up to 10 business days to regain access to your account if you no longer have access to the original verification phone number that you set up.

Changed Email Address

If you've recently changed your email address or no longer have access to the one associated with your user account, you won't be able to receive new login credentials via email. However, there's still a way to recover your account. If you previously provided a mobile phone number on your user account, recovery credentials will be sent to both your email address and mobile phone number via text message. In this scenario, you can use the regular password reset recovery options by visiting the account reset page at Enter your old email address attached to your account to locate your user account, complete the normal verification steps displayed, and receive your new credentials via text message.

If your user account does not have a mobile number already attached to it, then the new login credentials can only be delivered via email. Your user account will be unrecoverable if you cannot access the email. In this case, you must create a new user account at

Changed Both Email and Phone Number

In the event that you have changed both your email address and mobile phone number and have not specified any backup options, your user account will be unrecoverable. To regain access to the software, you must create a new user account at

Email Doesn't Exist

When attempting to log in or reset your username/password, you may encounter an error that states that your email address does not exist or that no account could be found for your email address. This can occur for one of three reasons:

  1. No User Account: You do not have a user account and must register to create a new user account at

  2. User Account Terminated: You had a user account, but your officiating organization terminated the account and removed you from their organization. You must register and create a new user account at

  3. User Account Not Approved: You have recently registered using self-registration, but your officiating organization has not yet approved your account. You must wait for your officiating organization to approve your account before you can log in or reset your credentials. Contact your local officiating organization directly if you have questions about their account approval process.

    Please note that the Horizon technical support team cannot approve your account. Account approval is handled by your local officiating organization.

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