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How to create a Payment Sender account
How to create a Payment Sender account
Create a business payment account to send electronic payments
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If you've elected to utilize the Horizon Payment Center, the first thing you'll need to do is to create a Payment Sender account to facilitate the sending of payments. Setting up a Payment Sender account takes a lot more work than setting up a Payment Receiver account. You will be required to validate your personal identity along with your business identity and corporate structure.

To get started:

Select Setup an Account

Click the Setup Account Button

A business account for the officiating organization must be setup before any personal accounts can be setup.

Choose your Business Legal Type

This must be accurate and will be verified for accuracy. You may be required to provide documentation and/or proof of ownership.

Complete the Registration Form

All information presented is required to verify your identity and your business.

Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

You must accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for the service operations to continue.

Account Created!

After you've completed this, your account will be created. You will still be required to complete a few steps before you're ready to send payments. Any further requirements, like Sender Identity Verification, will be displayed at the top of your Horizon Payment Center Account Overview tab.

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