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How to create a Payment Sender account
How to create a Payment Sender account

Create a business payment account to send electronic payments

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If you've elected to utilize the Horizon Payment Center, the first thing you'll need to do is to create a Payment Sender account to facilitate the sending of payments. Setting up a Payment Sender account takes much more work than setting up a Payment Receiver account. You will need to validate your personal identity with both Horizon and Dwolla, our third-party financial provider. You will also need to verify your business identity and corporate structure. This process can be completed within a few hours if the initial information submitted is accurate and your business is in good standing. However, we recommend you plan on this taking a few days in case you need to make any corrections or resolve any issues that might arise when verifying your personal or business records.

To get started, you can follow these steps:

Verify Your Identity in your Horizon Personal Profile

To set up a payment account and perform financial transactions, you must first complete an identity verification in Horizon. This can be done by navigating to the Personal Profile page using the main navigation menu, then select the Synchronize tab, then choose the START button next to the Advanced Identity Verification line item. You must take a photo of a government-issued photo ID, take a selfie, and supply the last four digits of your SSN. You can learn more about this process in this support article.

You may also be required to verify your personal identity a second time after your payment account is set up. Horizon performs the first identity verification in your Personal Profile to meet our identity verification requirements. Dwolla, our third-party financial provider, may perform a second identity verification to meet their identity verification requirements.

Select Setup an Account in the Payment Center

Navigate to the Payment Center using the main navigation menu. Select the Setup an Account tab, then choose the Setup Account button inside the Business Account box to begin setting up a sender account. A business account for the officiating organization must be setup before any personal accounts can be setup.

Choose Your Business Legal Type

You must choose the legal designation for your organization's legal business type. This must be accurate, and it must match the records on file with the IRS and your home state's business registration records. It will be verified for accuracy, and to ensure your business is in good standing with both the state and federal government offices. You may be required to provide documentation and/or proof of ownership.

Complete the Registration Form

You must submit all information presented on the registration form. This is required to verify your identity and your business information. It must be accurate and perfectly match your records. For example, your business name must perfectly match the name of your business that is on file with the IRS and your home state's Secretary of State office. Nicknames, unregistered DBA names, or shortened forms of your actual business name will not be accepted. If you submit incorrect information, the account will be rejected, usually within a few hours after the financial partners review your account, and you'll need to resubmit the information.

Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

You must accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for the service operations to continue.

Account Created!

After you've completed this, your account will be created. You will still be required to complete a few steps before you're ready to send payments. Any further requirements, like Sender Identity Verification, will be displayed at the top of your Horizon Payment Center Account Overview tab.

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