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My mobile carrier is not supported. What can I do?
My mobile carrier is not supported. What can I do?

If your mobile carrier is not supported, there may still be other options

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If your mobile carrier is not listed as one of our supported carriers, you'll need to leave the Mobile Carrier field blank in your Personal Profile. You can still utilize Push Notifications via our free Android, iPhone, or iPad apps for device notifications. Text messaging is certainly a great way to be notified of your game assignments, but it's not the only mobile notification and is actually considered an "older" form of notification. These days, most officials opt to turn off text message notifications and instead use only push notifications even if their carrier is supported. This is simply because most officials will already utilize our mobile apps for accessing the system to begin with. Also, Push Notifications will arrive faster, provide more information, and have more customizable settings than SMS messages, so they are generally a better form of mobile notification. Push Notifications are carrier independent and only require an internet connection to receive, so you can receive them on any carrier's platform as long as your physical mobile device supports them. You can also receive them on Wi-Fi-only devices like some iPads and Android tablets that may only have Wi-Fi and no mobile data connection.

Can you add more mobile carriers?

Our system currently supports all the worldwide carriers with a known Email-to-SMS gateway. If your carrier is not listed, then the carrier does not currently offer this service.

Forwarding Carriers

Some smaller mobile carriers, commonly in the United States, may not actually have their own mobile network. These small carriers will typically "Whitelabel" or simply rebrand the services of another larger provider. In some instances, you may be able to select a different larger carrier like Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T and still receive text messages while on a smaller carrier's rebranded service. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a full list of these instances since they are not all publicly disclosed, but you can either test these big carriers or contact your mobile carrier to see if they will provide you with details on the network infrastructure they use.

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