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How to create a Payment Receiver account
How to create a Payment Receiver account

Create a personal payment account to receive electronic payments

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If your officiating organization has elected to utilize the Horizon Payment Center, the first thing officials will need to do in order to receive payments is to create a Payment Receiver account. Setting up a Payment Receiver account is fast and easy and just takes a few steps. To get started, navigate to the Horizon Payment Center and perform these steps:

Select Setup an Account

Click the Setup Account Button

A business account for the officiating organization must be set up before any personal accounts can be set up, so if your organization is not yet using the Payment Center, you will receive an error message in this step until they've started using it.

Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

You must verify your contact information, then accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for the service operations to continue.

Certify that your personal information (name & email) is accurate

Pay the Setup Fee via Credit or Debit Card

An account setup fee is required to establish a payment account. This is not an annual recurring fee. To keep your account in good standing, though, you must receive at least one payment per year to avoid termination. If your account is terminated for inactivity, you'll need to set up a new account and pay the fee again.

Account Created!

After you've completed this, your payment account will be created. Next, you must Add a Bank Account to your payment account.

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