Game Linking System

Connecting & assigning multiple games at once

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What is Game Linking?

The Game Linking System allows an assignor to create a combined set of games that they can quickly assign the same officials to all the games in the set at once. This eliminates the need to assign each game individually and also ensures that the official(s) are available to do all the games in the set when determining their eligibility to work.

How to Use Game Linking

Administrators can enable the Game Linking System by enabling Feature #2 in their System Settings. Once enabled, a new menu option will be available in the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule that will allow to you link up to 5 games together in a combined link set.

How Eligibility Works

When determining whether or not an official is available & eligible to work a link set, the official must be available & eligible to ALL the games in the link set. If they are unavailable and/or ineligible for any of the games in the link set, they will be deemed ineligible for the entire link set. If you want to revert back to scheduling one or more of the games individually instead of as a set, you'll need to Unlink the games from the link set.

How to Unlink Games

If you want to revert back to scheduling one or more of the games individually instead of as a combined set, you can Unlink the games by clicking the link icon to the left of the game(s) and using the delete icon to remove the game(s) from the link set.

Game Acceptance

The Game Linking System streamlines the assigning process for schedulers by allowing them to create a combined set of games and assign officials to all the games in the set simultaneously. However, it's important to note that the Game Linking System does not directly impact the game acceptance process for officials.

When officials review their game schedule, they still have the opportunity to individually accept or decline games, regardless of whether the assignments were created using the game linking system. The system does not require officials to accept or decline all the games within a link set collectively. Each game assignment can be addressed independently, and officials can respond to each game individually based on their availability and preferences.

While some officiating organizations may prefer that officials respond uniformly to all games within a link set, it is recommended that organizations establish internal policies or guidelines to enforce such requirements, if desired. These policies can help ensure consistent responses from officials and align with the organization's scheduling procedures.

The Game Linking System simplifies the scheduling process for assignors, while still allowing officials the flexibility to manage their game acceptances on a case-by-case basis. This ensures a balance between efficiency for assignors and the autonomy of officials in accepting or declining specific game assignments.

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