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How can I suggest a new feature?
How can I suggest a new feature?

Policies about requesting new functionality

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We value user feedback and actively seek input to improve our software. We understand that users may have suggestions for new features or changes in functionality that they consider important. While we appreciate all feedback, clarifying our process for evaluating and prioritizing these suggestions is important. This article explains our feature suggestion process, including how you can request to add a feature, how to suggestion new functionality, how suggestions are reviewed, the voting system we employ, and the different statuses assigned to submissions.

Our Feature Suggestion Process

  1. Submit Suggestions: Users can submit feature suggestions and ideas through our dedicated feature suggestion platform at

    We encourage users to share their thoughts and suggestions, as they play a vital role in shaping the future of our software.

  2. Evaluation and Validation: Once a suggestion is submitted, our development team evaluates its validity and determines whether it aligns with our mission and overall goals. We carefully consider the feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with our product roadmap during this evaluation process.

  3. Status Assignment: Each suggestion is assigned a specific status to provide clarity on its progress and likelihood of implementation. Here are the different statuses and their meanings:

Status Definitions

  • (No Status): The idea is being evaluated by our team to determine its validity and whether it should be opened for community voting.

  • Gathering Community Support: The idea has potential and will be considered for future implementation. We gather community support through voting and other measurements to assess its popularity and impact.

  • Deferred: The idea is well-received but requires additional prerequisites or resource allocations before it can be implemented. Although not feasible at the moment, it may be considered in the future if the necessary prerequisites or resource limitations are resolved.

  • Unlikely: While we value all suggestions, this idea is unlikely to be incorporated into the system. However, we will keep it open for voting, as user preferences, system goals, and technical resources can change over time.

  • Considering: Our team is actively working on determining the logistics and feasibility of incorporating the suggested feature. This may involve evaluating technical aspects, prerequisites, and potential impacts.

  • Planned: The idea has received a green light from our team, and we have concrete plans to add it to the system. The specific timeline is not shared, as there may be other priorities or prerequisites to address beforehand.

  • Completed: The idea has been successfully implemented by our design team. While implementations may not always be an exact match to the original submission, we consider the idea resolved once it has been implemented.

  • Declined: The idea has been thoroughly reviewed and will not be incorporated into the system. This decision could be due to various reasons such as existing features fulfilling the request or a misalignment with our mission and overall strategic vision.

Voting and Popularity Measurements

We employ a feature suggestion voting system to gauge user interest and prioritize suggestions. Popularity is measured based on the number of votes, but our team also considers many other factors beyond just the vote count. Our team will evaluate the level of support from individual organizations, the diversity of users and sports, and other relevant factors. Suggestions with a higher number of votes and broader support across multiple organizations, user types, and sports have a greater chance of being considered for implementation.

Communication and Updates

While we read every suggestion, we may not respond to each one individually. However, we assure you that we carefully review and consider all submissions. We provide notifications if a suggestion is completed or declined. For suggestions in progress, we may not offer detailed status updates, as the development process can vary in terms of timelines and complexities.

Can I pay you to build something?

Occasionally, users inquire about the possibility of paying us to develop specific features or functionalities for their individual needs. While we appreciate the interest and willingness to invest in further customization, we currently do not offer custom feature development as a service. Our development efforts are primarily dedicated to enhancing the overall system and fulfilling the collective needs of our user community.

We believe that prioritizing features based on community feedback helps ensure that our software caters to the needs and preferences of a wider audience. We continuously assess and refine our product roadmap to incorporate popular and impactful suggestions that align with our vision and goals.


We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as they play a crucial role in shaping the future of our software. We work diligently every day to improve our system, both in terms of small enhancements and significant feature additions. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to balance the diverse needs of our user community. Together, we can shape the future of Horizon and create a software solution that truly meets the demands of officiating organizations and their stakeholders.

Thank you for your ongoing support, feedback, and engagement. We look forward to receiving your valuable feature suggestions and continuing to enhance the Horizon software to provide an exceptional user experience for all.

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