Our development team and system engineers work daily to improve the system and release new features, functionality, and improved performance on the system. Although we are improving the system daily, we only have so many hands and have a finite limit to how many we can produce, so we must prioritize our developments accordingly. If you'd like to see a new feature or new functionality on the system that is outside of our current designs or intended operations, we offer 2 options for submitting your request to our development team:

New Feature Suggestions

New feature suggestions can be submitted to our development team at https://horizonwebref.com/new-features. New Feature Suggestions are free to submit and are directly received by our development team. With that being said, there are limitations to this:

  • Every suggestion is received and read by our development team.

  • Our development team will prioritize these suggestions at their discretion.

  • We do not provide detailed status updates. They are either completed, not completed, or rejected. You'll receive a notification if a suggestion is completed or rejected.

  • Some suggestions are completed in a few days. Some take years.

  • Some suggestions may be deferred by us while we wait to see if any other users or organizations are interesting in similar functionality

  • It may seem like the suggestion is not being heard, but rest assured we read and re-read every suggestion.

  • Although we love feature suggestions, not all of them will be incorporated. We love to hear your feedback, but some suggestions may not be very popular or may not be a good fit for our systems in our opinion.

Accelerated Development

In some cases, we may offer accelerated development if our schedule allows for it. Accelerated development is a paid service that allows organizations to pay for development services. Accelerated development work is provided at a fee of $400.00 USD per hour. If we agree to perform accelerated development, you will receive a detailed scope of work and timeline estimate for the completion of your desired functionality and detailed status updates as your functionality is being built. 50% of the estimated fee is required up front as a deposit for your development. The remaining time & materials balance is required upon completion and before delivery of the features. Ownership and copyright of all development work are retained by Horizon Dynamic Web Designs, LLC. and are non-transferrable. Accelerated development may be rejected for features that our development team does not wish to incorporate or feel are unsuitable for our systems. Minimum development fees also apply.

Accelerated Development Timeline

The average accelerated development project is completed within approximately 12 weeks, depending on the scope of work required. The minimum time frame is 8 weeks for completion. Longer timelines may be required for larger projects.

Custom Development

Custom-developed features may be available for development at an hourly billable fee of $400.00 USD per hour. This would be for features or development that would be specific to just you or a very limited number of users that doesn't benefit our entire community. The availability of this work would be at the discretion of our engineering team depending on the requested functionality, current workload & how/if the functionality fits with our overall system design intentions. Custom development can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months to be completed, depending on the scope of work. You can contact us to inquire about the costs and feasibility of custom development. Minimum development fees also apply.

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