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How to synchronize by URL to Google Calendar
How to synchronize by URL to Google Calendar

Synchronizing game assignments to Google Calendar

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You can automatically feed your game assignments into your Google Calendar via our iCal URL feed. Google Calendar will periodically retrieve an up-to-date read-only version of your calendar and display it in Google Calendar.

Obtain your iCal URL

Start by obtaining your iCal URL link, which is available at the top of your personal Game Schedule page under the iCal menu option. Copy this link which you will paste into Google Calendar.

Add the Subscription

With Google Calendar open on a desktop or laptop computer, use the Add Calendar option on the left hand side and select From URL

Paste the iCal URL link you obtained from your Game Schedule page.

Once added, Google Calendar will periodically poll our system to retrieve the latest copy of your game schedule and populate your calendar. The frequency at which they poll our system is determined by them, but it's usually every few hours.

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