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View multiple organizations on your game schedule
View multiple organizations on your game schedule

How to show all your associations on your game schedule at once

Updated over a week ago

On your Personal Game Schedule page, you can combine your game schedule to see a composite game schedule that includes all your games from all your organizations at once by using the Schedule Filters. You may see this support article for details on how to use the Schedule Filters.

One of the filter options allows you to choose "All Associations" for your game schedule, which will retrieve a list of games from all the organizations you're a member of.


There are some intentional limitations to this process. Using the "All Associations" option to retrieve your entire game schedule from all groups will retrieve the basic information, like the date, time, location, and type of game. Some information will be intentionally hidden, like your partners, pay rates, and other detailed information. This is because each officiating organization may have its own preferences and permissions on if and when they allow you to access that information. In order to access more detailed game information, you will need to log in to each organization separately to obtain more detailed information beyond the composite game schedule information.

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