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I can't find my micro-deposits
I can't find my micro-deposits

What to do if your micro-deposits do not arrive

Updated over a week ago

After starting the Micro-Deposit Verification process, our systems will receive confirmation that your micro-deposits were delivered to your banking institution within 1 to 3 business days. After your micro-deposits are successfully delivered to your banking institutions, you'll receive a notification from the Payment Center instructing you to check your bank account and perform the final steps.

What if I can't find them

Once we receive confirmation, then the micro-deposits are in the hands of your banking institution. You can contact them for assistance locating them, but we recommend waiting for at least 2 business days after receiving the confirmation notification to see if there's a problem. If there is a problem and your banking institution rejects the deposits, they will return them within 2 business days after they receive them. In most cases, it's just 1 business day, though. If the deposits are rejected, you'll receive a notification from the Payment Center about the rejection with the reason for the rejection provided to us by your banking institution.

No rejection, but I still can't find them.

If your deposits were completed more than 2 business days ago, and you still can't find them, your only remaining options would be to contact your banking institution for assistance locating the deposits, or you can delete your bank account and start over to have a new set of micro-deposits sent.

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