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Simulation Mode

How to login to a user's account to see what they see

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Simulation Mode allows schedulers and administrators to log in to another user's account to see and perform actions on behalf of the user within their organization.

Important Notes

  • Simulation mode can only be used within the organization/subscription that you are currently logged in to.

  • You must have scheduler or administrator permissions to use simulation mode.

  • You can only simulate users that have a permission level lower than your own permission level.

  • Not all actions are accessible during simulation mode. Certain security or privacy data fields & actions will be blocked, redacted, obscured, or otherwise limited to intentionally prevent you from accessing those.

  • This functionality is only available via the desktop/laptop (non-mobile) versions of the system.

  • This is the only allowable method to access another user's account other than your own. Using another user's username/password is strictly prohibited. That would be a violation of our Terms of Service and would be grounds for immediate account termination without refund.

How to Simulate a User

Simulating a user can be performed via the Members Directory. From here, you may choose the Simulate User icon (eyeball) next to any user's name that you have permission to Simulate.

Once you've entered Simulation Mode, you will see a red banner at the top of every page indicating that you're using the system in simulation mode. You may now view the system to see what the user sees or perform some actions on behalf of the user.

  • Note: Your actions via Simulation Mode are not anonymous. If necessary, performing actions via simulation mode is still traceable to your original user account.

How to Exit Simulation Mode

To exit simulation mode & return back to your own user account, you'll use the red STOP SIMULATING button located at the top of the grey navigation menu.

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