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User Profile Updates by Administrators
User Profile Updates by Administrators

Details on policies and limitations while performing profile updates via Simulation Mode

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Officiating organization administrators have access to certain aspects of a user's profile that they have the ability to change using Simulation Mode. Simulation Mode allows officiating organization administrators to log in to a user's account to access and view the information within their organization. However, there are limitations to the profile editing process and certain restrictions that apply.

It's important to note that whenever an administrator makes changes to a user's profile, the system automatically sends an email notification to the user, informing them about the modifications and indicating who made the changes.

Editing Restrictions

Here's an overview of the profile information that administrators can change via Simulation Mode:

  1. Limited Security Information: Editing security-related information, such as the user's email address, phone number, first and last name, and privacy settings, is not permitted. Only the user themselves can make changes to this type of information in their personal profile.

  2. Organization-Specific Editing: If a user is a member of multiple officiating organizations, the profile editing capabilities are further limited to information that is specific to the organization that the administrator is editing on behalf of. When a user belongs to multiple organizations, administrators cannot edit shared information like the user's address, birthdate, or other general details.

Required Profile Updates

The software has a requirement for users to review and update their profile information for accuracy every three months. If a user has never performed this profile update or has gone more than three months without doing so, their account may be limited, and they may be restricted from receiving game assignments.

To track compliance with the profile update requirement, administrators can use the Login Records report on the Members Directory page. If a user's account requires a profile update, administrators will see a note stating "Profile Update Required." It's important to note that performing profile edits via Simulation Mode does not satisfy this requirement. Users must personally review and update their profile to fulfill this regular update requirement.

By understanding the limitations and restrictions in profile editing, officiating organization administrators can ensure that the necessary changes are made within the authorized scope and encourage users to keep their profiles up to date to maintain full access to game assignments and system functionality.

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