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Mass edit game information in bulk
Mass edit game information in bulk

Performing large edit operations on games

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Officiating Schedulers can mass-edit and update their game data in bulk in one of two ways:

  1. Apply the same change to multiple games at once

  2. Import an updated spreadsheet file

Option 1: Mass-Edit Menu Option

This menu option will allow you to apply the same change to multiple games at once.

To use this, you'll first need to select the checkboxes for the games you want to apply the change for

You may then use the Mass-Edit option under the Automation menu to select the desired change that you'd like to make.

Option 2: Import an Updated Spreadsheet

You can perform a spreadsheet import operation with an updated schedule import to update existing games with new information in bulk. This is good to use if you're going to be making numerous changes on many games.

Here are the steps you'll need for the updated import:

  1. On the Master Game Schedule page, find the games you want to edit using the Schedule Filters and select Search

  2. Once displayed, Export the Game Schedule using the "Export Game Schedule" option in the top toolbar of the Master Game Schedule page.

  3. Update the exported CSV spreadsheet provided to contain the new values. Do not remove columns and only change items that need to be changed.

  4. Perform an updated import from Master Schedule >> Add Games >> Import from Spreadsheet. Make sure to choose the "UPDATE EXISTING GAMES" option on the import page.

Important Note: Performing an import with an updated schedule will cause all the games to revert to an unpublished status. Any existing assignments will be replaced with those listed in your spreadsheet import. Any assignments included in the import will be set to an unaccepted status. If no assignments are included in your update spreadsheet, then no assignments will be listed on the game after the import update. You will need to publish these games again, and your officials will need to accept their assignments again after performing a mass update.

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