How to edit game fees

Adjusting your fees on your game assignments

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Editing the fees on your game assignments can be done in a few ways, depending on the scenario and reason for the edit.

Manually Editing Fees

This is good for rare and odd scenarios where you need to change a game assignment fee for an unusual circumstance that is unlikely to occur again. Simply select the $ symbol next to the official's name on the Master Game Schedule page to perform a manual edit and override their normal calculated fee.

Changing Fee Structure

This is good if you want to change your overall fee structure or set up a new fee structure for games and fees expected to occur regularly. For example, if you want to update your fees for a new season or if you are going to start scheduling a new game type. Your fee structure is stored in your Positions list, so you'll need to edit your Positions for this method. You may see this support article for details on editing your Positions.

Payroll Adjustments

If your fee change is not related to a game assignment at all, you can use the Payroll Adjustments option on the Administrative Forms page to create a non-game-related addition or subtraction to an official's payroll totals.

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