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How long will my game information be retained?
How long will my game information be retained?

Details on our Data Retention Policies

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Data Retention Policy

Your game information is retained and accessible up to 18 months prior to your "Current Season Start Date". All data is immediately removed for subscriptions or memberships that are terminated and/or expired by the user or organization.

Current Season

Your "Current Season Start Date" is set and determined by your organization's administrator. It always starts on the first day of a given month (selected by your administrator) and the start date is always a date in the past. A season start date cannot be more than 1 year in the past.

Data Access

For example, if your "Current Season" starts on September 1, 2016, you would be able to access only as far back as March 1, 2015. If your "Current Season" starts on October 1, 2016, then you would be able to access data as far back as April 1, 2015.

Changing your Current Season

You may adjust your "Current Season" to adjust the dates that are available to you, however, we retain at most 29 months of past schedule data. If changing your Current Season, it may take up to 3 days for the system to readjust to your new settings.

Additional Storage Options

We provide additional data retention options via our Extended Archiving add-on to organization administrators which allows for longer retention periods for an additional fee. Individual users that want their game and/or assignment data recovered from outside of this retention period may contact support to request an archive spreadsheet export of their game schedule for a fee of $97.50 USD per export generated. Users must have an active user account with related organizations & all relevant account permissions to obtain this data. We do not guarantee recovery of data outside this retention period but can accommodate most requests for data from our backup systems, for a fee of $97.50 USD per export generated.

Non-Game Data

Other non-game data items get deleted from the system and are not retained as well. This includes availability, memos, forum posts, ratings, incident reports, and game counters.

  • Availability is only saved for 3 months into the past.

  • Memos are saved for 12 months into the past.

  • Forum Posts are saved until the forum topic has had no responses for 12 months.

  • Ratings & Evaluations are only available to be viewed for your "Current Season"

  • Game Reports are only available to be viewed for your "Current Season"

  • Game Counters are only available to be viewed for your "Current Season"

  • Incident Reports are only available to be viewed for your "Current Season"

  • Payroll Adjustments are only available to be viewed for your "Current Season"

  • Teams, Leagues, Game Codes & Positions are retained indefinitely while an organization retains an active subscription.

  • Sent Messages are only saved for 1 year in the past.

You can view details about how your "Current Season" is set in this support article.

Data Backup & Recovery

Our system retains backup copies of your data for our own internal disaster recovery usage to ensure our systems will continue to operate in the rare occurrence of a catastrophic event. We do not retain data backup copies that are available to you or any other end-user in the event that you make a mistake on the system or want to recover from a specific user action. You are responsible for downloading your own backup copies of data if you need to recover, correct a mistake, or undo a user action that you or any of your other users make on our systems. We do not provide recovery services for changes or modifications that you or any other user makes to the system.

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