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Do I need to renew my subscription to schedule future games?
Do I need to renew my subscription to schedule future games?

Details about subscription renewals

Updated over a week ago

Administrators of an officiating organization that wish to renew their subscription can do so beginning 30 days before their subscription's expiration date. You must renew before your expiration date to retain access to the software system and avoid additional late or reactivation fees.

That said, renewing a subscription does not affect the software's functionality in terms of when you can schedule games. This functionality is controlled by your Current Season specifications that are controlled by organization administrators on the System Settings page of the Horizon software.

Administrators can change their season settings within the System Settings page. It is the last option in the System Defaults tab. Specifically, the "Season Start Month" is the option to change to have the system roll over into a new season. You may see details on controlling this functionality in this dedicated support article.

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