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Why do all my emails say they are from the same person?
Why do all my emails say they are from the same person?
If the sender's name appears incorrect, you may be overriding this on your device
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Local Contacts Override

If all your emails seem to be arriving from the same person, you likely suffer from something called "Local Contacts Override." This occurs when you save a contact in your local address book that overrides what our system puts as the sender.

How does this happen?

All emails from our systems come from the same email address:

This is an outbound email address only that is used for all outbound emails. When we send emails, we associate a name for the email so the "From" field will show as "Joe Smith <>". You should not save this as a contact in your local address book. If you do save the email address in your contacts with an associated name, then any email you receive from our system will show you that local contact's name, and your computer will ignore what we put as the sender's name and use your local contact's name... this is why it is called "Local Contacts Override". Your computer or device will recognize the email address from your contacts and show you your saved contact's name instead of the name we specify.

How do I fix this?

You must locate the contact in your local address book on your device and delete it. The easiest way is to search your contacts for the email address Any contact with that email address should be deleted. You can also search your contacts for the person's name that always shows in the "From" field, as they are likely the person in your contacts with the email address associated with their local contact settings.

If all Horizon emails are from, what happens when I reply to an email from the system?

Our emails use two separate fields. Yes, there is a "From" field that uses the email address, but there is also a "Reply-To" field that nearly all email clients will recognize as the email address to send replies to. This field will contain the real email address of the person that sent the message, so when you select the Reply option in your email client, the sender's email address will appear in the To field if your email client supports Reply-To headers.

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