How do I get my certification?

Details about officiating certifications

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What is Horizon?

Horizon is a software system that your local officiating organization purchases to help them manage the game schedules for their referees and umpires.

What Does Horizon Do?

Horizon is used by local officiating organizations to manage game schedules for referees and umpires. It is used to facilitate scheduling games, officials, and processing payments.

Certifications for Referees and Umpires

As a software provider, we do not perform certification or recertification for referees, umpires, or game officials as we do not directly hire, manage, or employ game officials. Officials should contact their local officiating organization directly for details about any certification or recertification requirements for the sport they wish to officiate.

Additional Resources

For more information on Horizon, please visit our help page. If you need additional assistance regarding certifications, please contact your local officiating organization.

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