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How often are referees and umpires paid?
How often are referees and umpires paid?

Details on receiving payment for games worked

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It is important to note that Horizon does not pay or employ referees or umpires. Horizon is a software provider that supplies software management tools to local officiating organizations that purchase a subscription to use the software. Referees and umpires are employed and paid by their local officiating organization and/or the teams, leagues, and schools they work for.

Payment Schedules

The fees earned and frequency that payments are issues to referees and umpires vary around the world, and there is no single payment schedule structure that the Horizon software provides. Some officiating organizations pay weekly, some pay bi-weekly, some pay monthly, some pay only a few times per year, and some may pay sporadically with no consistent schedule. Determination of the appropriate payment schedule is determined by each officiating organization that utilizes our software system. You must contact your officiating organization directly for details on their payment schedule.

Horizon Payment Center

Some officiating organizations may make use of the integrated direct deposit payment services offered through our Horizon Payment Center. This software feature allows officiating organizations to issue electronic payments directly to your bank account. However, it is important to note that payments though the payment center are not automatic. Someone within your local officiating organization must still manually issue a payment to you at a schedule and frequency of their choosing. The payment center will not automatically pay you for games after you work them. While the payment center service does make it easy for officiating organizations to issue electronic payments, they must still perform the send operation. Each officiating organization is free to issue payments on any schedule or timeline that they deem appropriate for their business practices.

Contacting Your Local Officiating Organization

Congratulations on becoming an umpire or referee! Your next step should be to contact your local officiating organization about your payment schedule and rates.

If after contacting your local organization you still have unanswered software questions about payments then please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are always happy to answer any software related questions and provide related assistance.

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