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How much do referees and umpires get paid per game?
How much do referees and umpires get paid per game?

Identifying the fees for game assignments

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It is important to note that Horizon does not pay or employ referees or umpires. Horizon is a software provider that supplies software management tools to local officiating organizations that purchase a subscription to use the software. Referees and umpires are employed and paid by their local officiating organization and/or the teams, leagues, and schools they work for.

The fees earned by or paid to referees and umpires vary around the world, and there is no single fee structure that the Horizon software provides. Determination of the appropriate fees earned by or paid to referees and umpires is determined by each officiating organization that utilizes our software system. Depending on the permission level your officiating organization has granted you, you can view details about your fees.

Where are the fees shown?

Depending on the officiating organization's desired settings, fees are sometimes shown directly on the Game Schedule page in the Fee column.

However, not all officiating organizations allow this information to be viewed directly on the Game Schedule page. In that case, the next most common place you can locate game fees is on the Game Details page for each individual game. You can access the Game Details page by clicking on the Game Details icon in the Action column of your Game Schedule. Game fees may be listed next to each assigned official, if your officiating organization allows you to view game fees.

If you're unable to locate the appropriate game fees after viewing those two locations, you will need to contact your officiating organization directly for further assistance in identifying the applicable game fees that they have determined for their group.

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