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How do I find games to work?
How do I find games to work?

Information about finding game opportunities

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Horizon is a software platform, so the staff at Horizon does not create or issue game assignments. As a member of a Horizon subscription, you are a member of a local officiating organization. This organization is who creates and issues game assignments to its officials.

How do I find or browse games to work?

Every officiating organization is different, so you must contact your officiating organization for details about their scheduling practices. Not all officiating organizations allow their officials to find, register, request, or sign up for games themselves. Most do not allow you to pick your own games. Many officiating organizations only allow officials to specify when they are able to work via the official's Availability Calendar preferences. The officiating organization will then schedule you for games at their discretion based on your availability.

The TBA System

If your officiating organization allows you to find your own games, this would be done using the TBA System (to be assigned) which operates like a "help wanted" section in the software. We refer to this as a "modified self-assigning" system as it is a little different from traditional self-assigning. In the TBA System officials "request" games instead of directly assigning themselves. This process allows for a more fair and even distribution of games.You can read details about the TBA System in this support article.

When using this functionality, your officiating organization will choose which games they want to publish and allow you to pick from.

If your organization is using this functionality AND your scheduler has made at least 1 or more games available, then you will see the TBA Requests link available in the main navigation menu of the software. The TBA Requests navigation menu item only appears in the navigation menu while active TBA Requests exist. If the TBA Requests link is not visible in the navigation menu, then there are no existing TBA Requests available at that time, and there are no games for you to view.

TBA Requests are not guaranteed to exist for any length of time. As soon as your scheduler either retracts or fills the game, the game will no longer appear. It is common for TBA Requests to only exist for a few minutes, so if you're not quick, you may miss them.

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