All games in your system have 2 statuses [Published & Unpublished] which control how the games, assignments and notifications will be handled. All games start in the Unpublished status when they are initially added to the game.

What is this for?

Game publishing is part of our standard assigning & scheduling workflow. When a game is "unpublished," the assigned officials cannot see the game assignments, and the system will not send any notifications. This allows you to create & edit your game assignments in secrecy without a million notifications being sent. Once you're satisfied with the game assignments, you can Publish the games to "release" those assignments to the officials. They can now see & respond to the game assignments you've given them.

In a typical workflow, you should:

  1. Add your games to the system.

  2. Assign your officials to the games

  3. Publish the games & assignments

How do I change the published status?

You can change individual games by clicking the word "Yes" or the word "No" in the Published column on the Master Game Schedule page. You can also do this in bulk using the Publishing top toolbar menu.

When should I publish games?

You should publish your games after adding your officials and assignments to the game. Once you publish the games, the system will notify the assigned officials, informing them of the new game assignments they've received. They will now be able to see and respond to the game assignments you've created for them.

If I publish the games, can all my officials see the games?

No. "Publishing" is not the same as "Publicizing." "Publishing" will release your created assignments to the assigned officials so they can see and respond to their own game assignments that they have received. This functionality does not make the games public for viewing. If you want to make the games publicly available for viewing, you'll need to use the Public Game Schedule via Feature #21 in your System Settings.

If I add an official after the game is published, do I need to publish again?

No. If a game is already published, then any changes or assignments you create are live. Respective notifications will be sent immediately once you make the change.

What if I Publish a game with no assignments?

Nothing happens. We don't recommend doing this. This doesn't really do anything and there's not much benefit to doing this.

Publishing & the TBA System

The TBA System will automatically move the games to a Published status for officials to be able to see & respond to the TBA Requests you've created. The recommended workflow for publishing using the TBA System is a little different.

  1. Add your games to the system.

  2. Issue your desired TBA Requests

  3. Wait & collect TBA Responses

  4. Unpublish the TBA Request games

  5. Assign your officials to the games

  6. Publish the games & assignments

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