TBA System
Solicit assignment requests from officials for specific games
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The TBA System is a "modified self-assigning" system.

This feature is controlled by organization administrators in your System Settings via Feature #51 and Feature #52.

What do we mean by "modified"?

The TBA System operates like a "Help Wanted" ad in the newspaper. It allows you the ability to broadcast 1 or more games out to your officials for them to request the games. You can broadcast out to all your officials or just a small sub-set of your officials. Officials can then respond to the games that they're interested in working. This is just a request, like a response to a help wanted ad. The scheduler will receive these responses and can then rapidly decide, from the responses, which officials will receive the game(s). This can be done manually by choosing from the responses, or automatically using the Auto-Assign option, if desired, to have the system make the determination for you. The Auto-Assign option is a great way to massively reduce the time spent since it can automatically sift through the responses in a matter of seconds.

The benefit of the TBA System is so you can provide a system that fairly distributes games and more evenly distributes them to your officials. In a traditional self-assigning system, once you broadcast the games, it is essentially a race among your officials. Whoever gets to the list first, gets to pick the best games. In our TBA System, you can more evenly distribute the games either manually or using the Auto-Assign method and the system will help evenly distribute your games so officials that aren't near a computer or are temporarily busy, don't get left out when games become available to request.

Here's how the TBA Requests System works:

When a scheduler has a set of events that have openings that need to be filled, they can post these events to the TBA Requests section using the Send TBAs option in the top toolbar of their Master Game Schedule. Doing so automatically generates an email to the specified users indicating that there are New TBA Requests Available with a list of the games included in this TBA broadcast. To respond to any of the TBA Requests, officials will need to login. When logged in, there will be an link on the right-hand grey navigation bar labeled "TBA Requests" with a number indicating how many games are currently listed. Selecting this link will display any and all games/events posted by scheduler that have a position available. As always, there are Schedule Filters at the top of the schedule that can organize this list for you. If games display, you may respond to any of the assignments for which you desire and/or are qualified for. You do this by selecting the icon on the far right of the listed game/event which submits your name as an interested candidate. Submitting your request DOES NOT guarantee you will receive the assignment, nor does it automatically give you the assignment. The scheduler will receive a list of names submitted from which they will finalize the assignment allocations at a later time. If you are selected for the assignment, you will receive a separate email/text indicating you have a "Game Confirmation Required".

How to send a Scheduler's TBA Request:

One the system is enabled, schedulers may use the top toolbar menu on the Master Game Schedule to issue a new TBA Request using the Send TBAs icon & corresponding options.

Allowing Officials to use the TBA System:

Administrators can optionally allow officials to use the TBA System directly to find their own replacement for a game that they no longer wish to work (Feature #52). The system operates in the same manner where the official is the one broadcast the game that they want to give away using the Send TBA icon next to the game they want to give away on their Game Schedule page. When they've received responses, they can immediately give away their game to one of the respondents using the View Responses icon next to the game. The process does not involve the original scheduler and is a direct transfer between officials. This system is optional and schedulers can still use the TBA System without this portion, if desired.

How to send an Official's TBA Request:

If you allow officials to send TBA Requests themselves via Feature #52 in your System Settings, officials will be able to issue a new TBA Request using the icon at the far right hand side of their game schedule for any games that they have already accepted.

The TBA Requests navigation menu item

The "TBA Requests" navigation menu item only appears in the navigation menu while there are active TBA Requests that exist. If the TBA Requests link is not visible on your right hand grey navigation bar, then there are no existing TBA Requests and any previously issued TBA Requests have either been filled or retracted by the respective user that issued the request(s). TBA Requests are not guaranteed to exist for any length of time. As soon as the issuer either retracts the request or fills & completes the request, the request will no longer exist.

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