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When will I get a game assignment?
When will I get a game assignment?

Information about the assigning process

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Horizon is a software platform, so the staff at Horizon does not create or issue game assignments. As a member of a Horizon subscription, you are a member of a local officiating organization. This organization is who creates and issues game assignments to its officials.

When will I get a game?

Unfortunately, this is impossible for us to answer because every officiating organization is different. You must contact your officiating organization for details about their scheduling practices.

As a general trend, most officiating organizations issue assignments on a regular schedule, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just once a year is entirely up to them. Also, it's common for new officials not to get very many game assignments. Your local officiating organization's scheduler may be unfamiliar with your skill level, they may be used to using the same group of officials regularly, or they may not even know you exist. Contacting your officiating organization directly is a great way to introduce yourself and ensure they know you're ready to work.

What should I do to be ready?

Within the software, you should ensure that you have logged into the software, you have completed your Personal Profile, and you have updated your Availability Calendar with the days & times that you're available to work.

This is the bare minimum that will ensure you're ready to be assigned as far as the software is concerned, but it does not guarantee that you will actually receive assignments. Your officiating organization may have other requirements or prerequisites. Contact your officiating organization directly to inquire about their scheduling practices and preferences.

Will I be notified?

Yes, you will receive email notifications any time a game is assigned to you. The Reminders box on the Members Home page will also show you any items that require your attention. Keep an eye on this if you want to know if there's anything you need to do.

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