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Software Stability Measures
Software Stability Measures

Details about the steps we take to ensure software stability

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Unlike local applications installed directly on individual computers, Horizon is a web-based software program. This distinction brings several advantages. Web-based software operates within a controlled and stable environment, independent of each user's specific device limitations or conflicting software configurations. By leveraging server-side processing, most computational tasks occur on our secure servers rather than relying heavily on the user's device. This approach minimizes the impact of local hardware resources and reduces the chance that your local device may freeze or crash.

We want to emphasize that the software itself is designed to provide a smooth user experience. However, in certain cases, errors may occur, which can be resolved by following specific steps outlined in any error message. Our system provides detailed error messaging to guide users in troubleshooting and resolving issues. It is essential for users to include the exact text of error messages when contacting our support team for prompt and accurate assistance.

Now that we've established the foundational differences between SaaS applications and local apps, let's delve into how Horizon's web-based nature and robust infrastructure contribute to its stability and reliability.

Benefits of Web-Based Software

Web-based software, such as Horizon, operates differently from traditional local applications that run directly on individual computers. The following factors contribute to the decreased likelihood of freezing or crashing:

Server-Side Processing

With web-based software, most processing occurs on our secure servers rather than relying heavily on the user's device. This approach minimizes the impact of local device limitations and reduces the chances of your local device freezing or crashing.

Stable Environment

Web-based software operates within a controlled and stable environment, free from factors that may affect local applications, such as conflicting software, outdated hardware, or limited resources. This stability enhances the overall reliability of the software.

Robust Infrastructure

Horizon is built on a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure designed to handle a large volume of data and user activity. Our infrastructure undergoes regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure optimal performance and stability, further reducing the risk of freezing or crashing.

Proactive Performance Optimization

Our development team continuously optimizes the software's codebase and resource allocation to enhance performance and responsiveness. By leveraging modern technologies and industry best practices, we maintain a smooth user experience while minimizing the chances of freezing or crashing.

Third-Party Performance Monitoring

We utilize a third-party performance monitoring service to provide our users with transparency and visibility into our system's performance. This service keeps track of our system's health, uptime, and any potential outages. Users can access this information anytime by visiting our dedicated performance monitoring page at

Real-Time Updates

The performance monitoring service updates in real-time, providing users with up-to-date information about the system's status. This transparency lets users stay informed about performance-related issues or outages, enabling them to plan and adjust accordingly.

Error Messages and Troubleshooting

When an error occurs within the Horizon software, our system provides specific error messages to guide users in resolving the issue. These error messages often contain information about the nature of the problem and steps users can take to rectify it. Paying attention to these error messages can be crucial in identifying and resolving the root cause of an issue.

Guidance for Users

An error message usually indicates that users must make certain changes or take specific actions to resolve the problem. These could include adjusting settings, providing additional information, or following a particular workflow. Users should carefully read and understand the error message, as it often suggests the necessary steps for resolution.

Support Requests

When users encounter an issue that requires assistance from our support team, it is crucial to include the exact text of the error message in their support request. This allows our support team to diagnose the problem and provide tailored guidance for resolution accurately. Our team can analyze the situation more effectively with the specific error message and offer the most appropriate solutions.


Horizon, as a web-based software program, offers a highly stable and reliable experience, making freezing or crashing highly unlikely for your local device. The use of server-side processing, a robust infrastructure, and proactive performance optimization significantly reduce the chances of encountering such issues. Additionally, our utilization of a third-party performance monitoring service enhances transparency, allowing users to view the system's performance and any outages in real-time at

We value your partnership and are committed to providing a dependable software solution. Our support team is readily available to assist you if you have any concerns or encounter any issues.

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