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How to block or customize Ad Choices
How to block or customize Ad Choices

Details about advertisements within the software

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In our efforts to provide an affordable and accessible platform for all officiating organizations, our software incorporates advertisements delivered by Google. We understand that ads can be a concern for some users, and this support article aims to shed light on why we display ads, how we maintain a non-intrusive ad experience, and the options available to customize your ad preferences.

Why do we display advertisements?

Ads play a crucial role in subsidizing the cost of our software, allowing us to offer it at a lower price to officiating organizations and include more premium features and functionality that would otherwise increase the cost. By displaying advertisements, we can keep our software accessible to a broader user base, including those with limited budgets.

We are committed to providing an ad experience that is respectful of our users' browsing experience. We make every attempt to carefully place advertisements to ensure they do not disrupt the software's core functionality or impede your ability to perform officiating tasks efficiently. Our priority is to strike a balance between ad support and maintaining a seamless user experience.

We recommend users keep the ads displayed to support the affordability of our software. By tolerating the ads, you contribute to the sustainability of the platform and help keep subscription costs as low as possible.

For officiating organization administrators who prefer an ad-free experience for their members, we offer an Ad-Removal Add-On Service. This service allows administrators to purchase ad removal for their entire group, ensuring an uninterrupted and ad-free experience for their officials. The Ad-Removal Add-On Service comes at an additional cost, and interested administrators can purchase this from the Add-Ons tab located on the System Settings page of the software.

While ad removal is currently offered on a group basis for officiating organizations, we understand the desire for individual ad-removal options. We plan to introduce this option in the future, allowing individual users to opt for an ad-free experience.

How to Block Disruptive or Irrelevant Advertisements

Since Google serves and delivers advertisements, Horizon doesn't fully control the ad experience. Horizon does make every effort to block advertisements in sensitive categories using the blocking controls provided to us by Google. Advertisements are not allowed that are related to adult themes, including, but not limited to, dating, health supplements, politics, religion, adult themes, sexual and reproductive health, gambling, and alcohol.

If you find an advertisement intrusive, misleading, or inappropriate, you can report it. To report an ad, click on the ad's "X" button or "Report this ad" link (if available) and provide details about the issue.

Customizing Ad Choices

Here are some additional details on how to customize the advertisements delivered.

Google Ad Settings

Google provides users with the option to customize their ad preferences. By visiting the Google Ad Settings page (, you can view and manage the types of ads shown to you. Here, you have the ability to control ad personalization based on your interests and demographics.

Opt-out of Personalized Ads

If you prefer not to receive personalized ads, you can opt-out of ad personalization. This means that Google will show you less relevant ads based on your interests and demographics. To opt-out, access the Google Ad Settings page mentioned earlier and toggle off the "Ad personalization" option.

Use AdChoices

AdChoices is a self-regulatory program that allows you to control your ad experience across different websites, including those using Google advertisements. By visiting the AdChoices website (, you can customize your ad preferences and opt-out of interest-based advertising from participating companies.


While ads play a crucial role in supporting our software, we understand the importance of allowing users to control their ad experience. By reporting disruptive ads, you can tailor your ad experience to suit your preferences. Additionally, customizing ad choices through Google Ad Settings or AdChoices gives you more control over the ads you see, ensuring a more personalized and enjoyable browsing experience.

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