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Why is tracking requested on the iOS app?
Why is tracking requested on the iOS app?

Details about Apple's new tracking permission prompts

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With the introduction of iOS 14 and subsequent versions, Apple has implemented new tracking prompts that allow users to have more control over their privacy. As an app that uses tracking to provide our services effectively, we want to provide you with an understanding of why tracking is requested and reassure you about the protection of your personal information. Beginning with version 1.4.2 of our iOS app released on June 26, 2023, tracking is now optional, and many features of the app can be accessed even with tracking disabled.

Why Tracking is Requested in Our App

Our app requests tracking to ensure a seamless user experience and provide essential services. Tracking allows us to identify and authenticate users, which is crucial for delivering personalized features, maintaining account security, and enabling a personalized experience tailored to your needs.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

We want to emphasize that we highly value your privacy and are committed to safeguarding your personal information. We do not sell your information to third parties, nor do we engage in any unethical practices regarding user data. You may see details about our privacy practices in our privacy policy here:

Information Tracked for Business Operations

The tracking implemented in our app is limited to collecting and tracking information necessary for our business operations and service provision. This may include user identity, preferences, and usage patterns. Rest assured that we only gather the minimum information required to deliver our services effectively and enhance your overall experience with the app.

Transparency and Consent

We fully support Apple's initiative to provide increased transparency and control over user tracking. The tracking prompts within iOS 14+ empower you to make informed choices regarding your privacy. We ensure that our tracking practices are aligned with industry best practices and comply with all relevant privacy regulations.

Optimal User Experience

By allowing tracking in our app, you enable us to deliver a more personalized and tailored user experience. Tracking helps us understand your needs, preferences, and usage patterns, allowing us to enhance the app's functionality and provide you with relevant content, recommendations, and features.

Your Rights and Options

While tracking is required to use our app effectively, we respect your privacy choices. If you prefer not to enable tracking, you can decline when prompted by iOS 14+ tracking requests. However, please note that usage of the app may be limited or unavailable for some functionality if tracking is not enabled. Beginning with app version 1.4.2 released on June 26, 2023, you will still be able to login with tracking disabled.


We understand the importance of privacy and respect your worries. The tracking prompts introduced in iOS 14+ aim to empower users with more control over their privacy settings. Rest assured that our tracking practices are solely focused on enhancing your user experience and delivering essential services. We do not sell your information, and we collect and track only the necessary data for business operations. We appreciate your trust in us and remain committed to protecting your privacy while providing a seamless and personalized app experience.

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